Calling time on hedge funds
By Christopher Page  |  In Blogs
Based on a recent survey by alternatives researcher Peltz International, hedge funds typically represent 11% of family office portfolios - but this may change soon. Why? Because the most commonly ... Read more

Societal impact
By Trusted Family  |  In Philanthropy
We recently held a workshop with a number of our families on how to engage family members using societal impact. These were some of the themes that came out. Read more

Eggs, baskets and family offices
By Christopher Page  |  In Blogs
One of the most appealing parts of running a family office is the freedom to go it your own way - but this can have its downsides. As reported in the Family Office Exchange's 2016 Global Investment ... Read more

Bridging the gap
By Mark Smith  |  In Cover Story
Named one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people, Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson is fast establishing herself as one of the most compelling figures in the global finance ... Read more

Award winners shine a light on Australia's growing philanthropy sector
By Christopher Page  |  In Blogs
Earlier this month, we announced the winners of the 2016 La Trobe Financial Standard Philanthropy Awards, which recognise the real-world achievements of substantial Australian philanthropic ... Read more

The value of women
By Stephen MacDonald  |  In Investment Strategy
The term 'Glass Ceiling' is one with wide currency. A Google search of the term delivers over 50 million results. Yet oddly, amongst these, the Oxford Dictionary defines the Glass Ceiling as ... Read more

More to philanthropy than many people realise
By Alex Dunnin  |  In Blogs
Although Australian cricketer Shane Warne may not realise it, his charitable foundation has done the not-for-profit and philanthropic sector a huge favour. This is because he showed many people ... Read more

Harnessing the power of alternative beta in a modern portfolio
By Mark Smith  |  In Investment Strategy
With higher fees, lower liquidity and ever-transforming risk profiles, traditional hedge fund strategies are attractive to only a handful of institutional investors. But with fixed income markets ... Read more

When charitable giving makes "tax-effective sense"
By IOOF Technical Services  |  In Philanthropy
For some, charitable giving is part of a lifelong mission to help others and goes far beyond donating clothes or making small, one-off donations to support a favourite cause. For these people ... Read more

Trends and innovations in PAFs
By John Mcleod  |  In Philanthropy
Private ancillary funds, or PAFs, started life as part of a Howard government response to improve philanthropy in Australia. Since the first funds were established in June 2001, the number of PAFs ... Read more

Handing over to the next generation
By Tony FittlerElaine Jackson  |  In Succession Planning
Typing "succession planning" into Google will generate approximately 8.1 million search results. Obviously, there is a high level of interest in the topic, both from the baby boomer ... Read more

Concentrating in risk and the equity investor
By Nicholas Cregan  |  In Investment Strategy
Investors often wish to distill the idea of risk into a checklist of financial equations and Greek alphabetical letters, with a view of quantifying the unquantifiable. Risk is popularly defined ... Read more
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Change the Life Insurance Conversation
Innovation can sometimes come from the most unexpected places. In this case, it came from one of the country's largest insurers, AIA Australia. A few years ago, the company started carving a different ... Watch video
Philanthropy Australia names recipients of annual industry awards
7 April 2017, 1:06pm
Leading Australian philanthropists were honoured for the impact of their giving at the 2017 Philanthropy Australia Awards held this week in Melbourne. Read more
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