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Australian billionaires amassed a $115.4 billion fortune in FY17, representing a 140% jump since the Global Financial Crisis, according to an Oxfam analysis.
The growth in Australia's high-net-worth sector is outpacing superannuation on two key fronts, according to Rainmaker research.
Australian retail magnate and pre-eminent philanthropic figure Sir Frank Lowy is selling the Westfield retail empire he co-founded to a Parisian commercial property company.
Encouraging clients to engage in philanthropic activities in the lead up to Christmas can assist financial advisers in strengthening the advice relationship, according to Australian Unity Trustees.
Latest White Papers
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QIC LIMITED   Active and passive investing are complementary, not at loggerheads. They serve different purposes within portfolios.
MUGUNTHAN SIVA   Investors have experienced a stark mismatch between expectations and reality when it comes to emerging market investing. The theoretical prospect of high growth and uncorrelated ...
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MICHELLE BALTAZAR   Financial Standard's director of media and publisher, Michelle Baltazar, travels to Melbourne to meet the winners of the 2017 Philanthropy Australia Awards.
BARRY LAMBERT   Count founder Barry Lambert traces his steps from garbage duty at the Commonwealth Bank to founding one of Australia's most respected accounting networks.
JONATHAN HOYLE   The purpose of this will and estate planning guide is to help you prepare for the smooth transition of your wealth to your beneficiaries.
ANNA HACKER   Developing a comprehensive and well-thoughtout estate plan is the only way of ensuring someone's wishes are carried out after their death but too many people are still getting ...
RACHEL CRAZE   As the ownership of family assets transitions from the founder to a 'partnership of siblings' and ultimately to a 'confederation of cousins,' the way that families ...
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