Owning the future
By Geoff Wilson  |  In Cover Story
Wilson Asset Management chair Geoff Wilson talks to Alex Burke about his investment philosophy, going all the way back to reading the "numbers page" in his father's newspaper. Read more

The next generation
By Christopher Page  |  In Blogs
On March 20, David Rockefeller - former Chase Manhattan chair and last of Standard Oil founder John D. Rockefeller's grandchildren - passed away. Rockefeller became a deeply influential figure in ... Read more

Investing for non-profits
By Simon Duckett  |  In Philanthropy
Investing reserves on behalf of a foundation, charity or non-profit organisation is a tremendous privilege, and one that comes with significant responsibility. Read more

Opportunities arising from financial reform
By Daniel Ivascyn  |  In Investment
In the following Q&A, PIMCO group chief investment officer Daniel J. Ivascyn discusses the investment opportunities arising from these reforms and how PIMCO is allocating resources in an effort ... Read more

Spurn the supernova and fight your fear of fixed income
By Jeffrey Grow  |  In Investment Strategy
Fixed income has delivered positive absolute returns to investors for the past 25 years. With global yields at record lows, bond market Cassandras proclaim the formation of a supernova, warning of ... Read more

Redefining the family office
By Christopher Page  |  In Blogs
While the family office model has traditionally been the preserve of the ultra-rich, this may be changing very soon. Last week, Findex launched an integrated wealth management service, called ... Read more

Guest of honour
By Barry Lambert  |  In Cover Story
Count founder Barry Lambert traces his steps from garbage duty at the Commonwealth Bank to founding one of Australia's most respected accounting networks. Read more

Game of thrones
By Christopher Page  |  In Blogs
Passing the torch to the next generation is an important step in the family office journey, but it shouldn't be done without careful consideration. Family offices are usually established with a ... Read more

An estate planning survival guide
By Jonathan Hoyle  |  In Taxation & Estate Planning
The purpose of this will and estate planning guide is to help you prepare for the smooth transition of your wealth to your beneficiaries. Read more

Should the family stick together or go its separate ways?
By Rachel Craze  |  In Family Office Management
As the ownership of family assets transitions from the founder to a 'partnership of siblings' and ultimately to a 'confederation of cousins,' the way that families work together ... Read more

The value of women
By Stephen MacDonald  |  In Investment
The term 'Glass Ceiling' is one with wide currency. A Google search of the term delivers over 50 million results. Yet oddly, amongst these, the Oxford Dictionary defines the Glass Ceiling as ... Read more

The importance of macro investing
By Gordon Brown  |  In Investment
Investors often wish to distill the idea of risk into a checklist of financial equations and Greek alphabetical letters, with a view of quantifying the unquantifiable. Risk is popularly defined ... Read more
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Concerned HNWs rolling back property exposure
26 May 2017, 12:02pm
Client feedback at boutique property fund manager Forza Capital suggests high-net-worth investors believe commercial property assets are fully priced. Read more
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