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Fisher Investments launches local HNW offering

Fisher Investments will start offering investment management services to high-net-worth private clients via its local subsidiary.

Rich investors not worried about low rates: Citi

New research from Citi says Australian high-net-worth investors are optimistic despite low interest rates.

Aussie charities robust prior to COVID

The nation's charitable sector reported revenues of $166 billion that grew 7% during 2019, underscoring a robust sector prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Generational wealth gap continues to widen

The children of those in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are likely to be significantly worse off financially than their parents, with the intergenerational wealth gap only widening.

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Risky board business

OMER SOKER   Differences in perspectives between boards and CEOs can undermine the quality of their relationships. Unaddressed, opposing viewpoints can escalate quickly. The title of an early ...

Directors' duties and obligations when sole shareholders

CHRIS MCCAFFERY   One of the core obligations which exist in company law concerns the duties which directors have to their companies. These duties arise both out of the general law and legislation.

Intangible assets

SAVINA RIZOVA   While the value premium is established by valuation theory and research spanning multiple decades and countries as a robust long-term driver of expected stock returns, it is volatile ...

Investing in esports and video games

VANECK *   The rise of video games and esports since the second half of last century has been gathering pace. Video games have evolved. They are now on our phones. We can play anywhere and ...

Cybersecurity risks family enterprises and offices face during COVID-19

HELENA ROBERTSSON   Cyberattacks are accelerating as criminals and other threat actors seek to exploit the disruption caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Businesses have scrambled to implement ...

CRM systems and financial advice

DYLAN NAVRA   Every adviser is acutely aware of their mounting administration burden. Not only do advisers have to provide sound advice, they must also show how and why they have provided it.

Family office: Substance and robust governance

LINDA BEIDLER-D'AGUILAR   Family offices are generally recognised as integral to the cohesive and coherent management of a family's diverse business interests in tandem with its domestic and personal ...

Discretionary trusts and family law

PHILIP DE HAAN   Discretionary trusts are often established with tax issues in mind. However, there is more to discretionary trusts than tax. This article discusses the family law issues associated ...

Giving well by avoiding big mistakes

DAVID KNOWLES   Mistakes are valuable because we learn from them. This is as true when it comes to charitable giving as it is in other areas of life. So, what has Koda Capital's philanthropic ...

How to set up a charity giving fund

DAN SAUNDERS   A charity giving fund, also known as an 'ancillary fund', is a vehicle for public and private philanthropy. It is a type of charitable trust designed to provide an investment ...

Succession planning for private companies

PETER TOWNSEND   For those wanting to ensure that a particular family member or a person they have specifically chosen becomes the director of a family company when the current director passes ...

Trusts at risk of incorrect distributions with significant tax consequences

ALEXIS KOKKINOS   Understanding the definition of 'income' for trusts has always been important. However, for 30 June 2020, it has been more critical than ever due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) ...

Resolving, preventing shareholder disputes

KAYLEIGH YAP   You and a friend have come up with a brilliant idea that you reckon will be a great business venture. So, you set up a company-you both own 50% of the company as shareholders ...

Good faith in franchising

ANA HAARSMA   The Franchising Code of Conduct (Franchising Code) is set out in schedule 1 to the Competition and Consumer (Industry Codes—Franchising) Regulation 2014. The Franchising Code ...

Family office bonuses

TAYYAB MOHAMAD   This paper comprises excerpts from Agreus Group's 2021 global family office bonus benchmark report. It explores how family office professionals were awarded a bonus this season ...

Transition choices when your business is part of the family

STEVEN SHULTZ   COVID-19 has shown how transitions of family values, business and wealth deserve thoughtful attention now more than ever. In brief The world is changing faster than ever, and ...

Turning client switching into an opportunity

NALIKA NANAYAKKARA   Shifting client demographics and preferences, as well as a flood of new digital offerings, are driving clients around the world to reconsider their wealth management relationships.

Attracting high net worth clients: Women and wealth management

WEALTH-X *   The significance of women to the wealth management sector is exponential. Now more than ever, women create and control a massive amount of wealth globally, making them an essential ...