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Australia home to high proportion of women billionaires

Australia has ranked third in the world for the highest proportion of female billionaires, according to Forbes' 36th annual billionaire list.

Wendy Whiteley makes $100m contribution to NSW

Wendy Whiteley's collection of her late husband Brett Whiteley's artworks will be donated posthumously to the Art Gallery of NSW in an extraordinary cultural gift to the people of NSW.

Twiggy Forrest spends $31m on Australian Agricultural Company

The Australian billionaire's family office Tattarang recently purchased $31 million worth of AAC shares, increasing his voting notice in the company substantially.

More UHNWIs than ever: Report

The number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals worldwide climbed by almost 10% last year despite the ongoing pandemic, new Knight Frank research shows.

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AS8001: Fraud and Corruption Control

ADAM SIMMS   The AS8001 standard was created to provide guidance on corporate governance around fraud and corruption issues due to some large global corporate collapses at the time. AS8001 was one of five standards released to guide boards and senior management in minimising fraud and corruption risks.

Lead the conversation to lead change

SOPHIE RENTON   This paper comprises an extract from McCrindle Research's Australian Communities Report: Understanding Australian givers to maximise the impact of NFPs.

A case for private real estate in HNW investor portfolios

SCOTT DAVIES   As institutional investors have optimised their portfolios along the risk and return continuum, real estate has become a meaningful portion of their asset mix, with the average institutional allocating nearly 11% of its investments to the asset class.

Listed investment companies: fact, fiction and future

ANGUS GLUSKIE   There has been much debate in the press of late about listed investment companies (LICs). The LIC and trust sector contains some of the largest, lowest-cost, most reliable, trusted and long-lasting investment vehicles that can be access by both retail and sophisticated investors.

The path to an agile operating model

NIDHI SRIVASTAVA   Agility is critical to all successful businesses. Manly Organisations pursuing digital transformation programs rely on agile methodologies, not only to accelerate software development but also to improve productivity and manage changing business priorities.

Hydrogen: Its role in energy transition and investment portfolios

NATASHA THOMAS   Hydrogen is increasingly seen as a crucial element to achieving net zero carbon emissions. However, there are different types of hydrogen and to take advantage of market trends, it is important to know the difference.

Family office: Substance and robust governance

LINDA BEIDLER-D'AGUILAR   Family offices are generally recognised as integral to the cohesive and coherent management of a family's diverse business interests in tandem with its domestic and personal affairs, and this article examines here the opportunities afforded by the establishment of such offices, the substance and ...

Discretionary trusts and family law

PHILIP DE HAAN   Discretionary trusts are often established with tax issues in mind. However, there is more to discretionary trusts than tax. This article discusses the family law issues

When is the best time to share your wealth?

SHAMAL DASS   When you choose to contribute your wealth to society, you want to make sure it has the greatest possible impact. Deciding when and how to pass it on is a huge part of that.

Meeting the unique investment needs of NFPs

GRANT MUNDELL   In today's low-interest-rate environment, finding ways for not-for-profits (NFPs) and charitable trusts to meet the needs of their beneficiaries while managing risk requires a specialist approach.

Staying future focused

VICTORIA LINDORES   When death or divorce come unexpectedly, and your focus is on preserving your own physical and mental health and that of loved ones, it is normal for financials to become deprioritised.

When you've seen one blended family-you've seen one blended family

BRIAN HOR   Many lawyers talk about 'blended families' as if they are all pretty much the same. Like, if you have seen one, you have seen them all. But that is not the case.

The 2021 ISDA Interest Rate Derivatives Definitions

LOUISE MCCOACH   On 4 October 2021, the 2021 International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) Interest Rate Derivatives Definition (2021 Definitions) succeeded the 2006 ISDA Interest Rate Derivates Definitions (2006 Definitions) as the market standard definitional book for over-the-counter interest rate derivatives ...

What is a binding financial agreement?

JOHN BUI   Due to the influence of American television, most people have heard of a pre-nuptial agreement or 'prenup', but surprisingly many have not heard of a 'binding financial agreement'.

COVID-19 and Australian middle-market businesses: Impacts and opportunities

GAVIN DEBONO   This paper comprises extracts from Pitcher Partners' second Business radar: understanding the businesses that drive Australia's economy report. The report presented findings from study commissioned early 2021 and undertaken by research consultancy Forethought into Australia's middle-market businesses.

Trust and understanding in families

BARCLAYS   With a huge transfer of wealth between generations fast approaching globally, Barclays Private Bank commissioned research to investigate the relationships between generations of wealthy families, and the factors that influence the effective transfer of family businesses.

Growing your HNW client base

NETWEALTH INVESTMENTS   This paper is based on excerpts from Netwealth's The Advisable Australian 2022= The Established Affluent, building your high-net-worth vale proposition report. The report delves into the financial and broader attributes of the "Established Affluent" - those high-net-worth (HNW) Australians ...

Turning client switching into an opportunity

NALIKA NANAYAKKARA   Shifting client demographics and preferences, as well as a flood of new digital offerings, are driving clients around the world to reconsider their wealth management relationships.