The path to an agile operating model

BY   |  FRIDAY, 17 JUN 2022    3:52PM

Agility is critical to all successful businesses. Many Organisations pursuing digital transformation programs rely on agile methodologies, not only to accelerate software development but also to improve productivity and manage changing business priorities.

Agility drives innovation, accelerates product delivery, and engages employees in a digital-first world. Industry Goliaths can no longer prevail through size and market might. Today, speed and agility are what it takes to adapt to an ever-changing business environment and rapidly evolving customer demands.

But while there is strong consensus among executives regarding the value of agile approaches, taking it to the next step- enterprise wide agility- is extremely difficult. First introduced in 2001 in the Manifesto for Agile Software development (Agile Manifesto), agile began as a fast, iterative, and flexible approach to software development- a welcome departure from yesteryear's linear, do-everyting-we-agreed-on (and a big more) waterfall method.