About the Author
Jeff Steiner
Partner & Head - Family Office, Mutual Trust Pty Ltd

Jeff Steiner is one of Australia's most experienced and respected family advisers. Jeff has spent many years working with successful families and dealing with intergenerational change. He regularly works with the wealth creators and their families in an executive capacity to develop strategies to achieve their goals across all aspects of their wealth, including their family office, businesses, investments, philanthropy and family members. Jeff is an independent board member of various family councils and foundations.

Articles Published
Market research tells us that nearly 70% of intergenerational wealth transfers fail by the third generation and almost 90% by the fourth. These are compelling statistics which have become top of mind ... Market ...
We are often asked "how much money do you need before you establish your own Single Family Office?" The short answer, as with many questions in life, is "it depends." The question is a perfectly ... We ...
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